Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My conversation with FSU's Athletic Department

I was invited to speak with representatives from FSU Athletics after my first and second blog posts about the new logo design.

Many folks contacted me afterward and today asking if I was ok and, of course, how it went. My delay in posting was actually mundane: I was sleepy and I had Life to do.  I read every one of the e-mails I received from my last post (nearly 600 emails, and they're still coming!) and I needed to sleep. And do laundry. Because my husband and I were completely out of socks. This also is not my day job, or even my night job, really.  I am not a writer.  I barely know how to use a comma.  And by barely, I mean not really at all.  I am flattered though that so many of you poked me with a digital, internet stick to make sure I wasn't dead.

Ok, the good stuff.  If you are a fan of spoilers (or tl;dr, too long; didn't read) skip to the last section.

I should preface: Athletics did not ask me to stay silent. They didn't threaten my job or me.  They did not offer me anything, which was really really smart of them. By all accounts, the folks I met with were friendly Humans with kids and jobs and lives with no intentions of assimilating me into a creepy machine. They also did not ask me to cover for them, which is cool, since I was already not going to do that.

So, what did we talk about then?

The FSU Athletics representatives explained that this was a meeting to clear the air and be more transparent to me and those of you interested in what I have to say.  This meeting was not at all about my alternate logo design.  Zero.  I was the only one to acknowledge it existed, except for one representative who vented about how annoyed he was to get a phonecall about it on his cell phone.  I am not surprised at the lack of mention, just confused about the idea that they brought me there because I have some kind of Rebel Alliance I control.  Nah man, just me and my computer.  Well, and the thousands of ticked off fans and alums.

Here, translated into Jodi-speak, is what Athletics said:

Who was consulted (and who was not)
This process of FSU Athletics branding changes started a long while ago, long before the Coach's Trophy was a twinkle in our eye(s).  Interestingly enough, FSU went to Nike asking to re-evaluate our Athletic identity.  Their concern was that there was little uniformity in logos across sports.  Soccer had their own logo, Baseball had the interlocking "FS," all other sports had the Seminole Head wait, really that's it? Two sports? Why not just have soccer and baseball use the Seminole head?  Oh well, let's keep going. [edit 9:45 AM 4.16.14- I was informed that many other sports have their own logos, like men's basketball, women's basketball, etc, so this is not an accurate statement] They also claimed they wanted to feature the Seminole Head more prominently and could not in the past, because apparently sewing machines run in terror at the sight of the Seminole Head.

They explained that their process included former players, current players, current coaches, Seminole Boosters and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.  Still not sure at which part of the process, but let's keep going.  They told me a person at least somewhat related to each of these groups evaluated the logo at some stage of the process and the approval button was hit to unveil it.  The Athletic Department feels that they did their due diligence in contacting and getting "approval" from each and every one of these groups.

The Athletic Department admitted that they never intended to include other fans or alumni (that do not work at the University) in focus groups.  There was all but an eye roll to the idea of a fan polling because "you have to stop your focus group somewhere."  Ok, then I strongly disagree on where you stopped it.  In my profession, you have to communicate to your target audience to be effective.  Their target audience was clearly only those on the "inside" of the University.  High level folks. Top. Men.  

The idea was thrown to me that the majority of fans, Boosters, and alums like the new logo but they're afraid to say anything.  I know there are people who like the logo.  I acknowledge they exist.  Some of these people have personally contacted me, and I encourage that.  Are they a majority?  I don't think anyone knows that, even athletics.  But what I can't do is refute an argument against a theoretical group of people, this "silent majority"they speak of.  I could come out and say that one hundred thousand fluffy bunnies hate the logo, but until they type out e-mails with their little bunny paws you have no way of telling me they don't.  Even though I can see it in their eyes.  And their twitchy little noses.  And you can't tell me I'm wrong.

I was also encouraged to stare at the logo until I liked it.  That it would grow on me.  Ain't nobody got time for that. [EDIT 9:45 AM 4.16.14- Ok, misleading.  No one was strong arming me into liking it.  It was said that others liked it the longer they looked at it.  I was free and encouraged to have my own opinion, no matter how long I (voluntarily) looked at it.]

"Subtle Changes"
The Athletics representatives explained to me that they believed, in their heart of hearts, that the changes they were making were subtle.  Let's live in a world where that is accurate for a moment and keep going.  They explained that, unlike other Universities that have more completely shifted their athletic logos, this was merely a retooling of a classic. Their example was Arizona State University in 2011. Ok, so let's look at what happened at ASU:

ASU went through an Athletics rebranding in 2011, the crux of which was to have the Trident instead of Sparky on the side of football helmets.  But did they get rid of Sparky or change him?   No. At least not without fan/alum input.  The ASU news site lists groups included in their redesign process and a curious group comes up: fans. In fact, their fans vehemently disliked the new Sparky mascot costume redesign so much that they later went to a fan poll where the fans and alums chose the design. During their fiasco one fan even wrote:
“(We) support ASU 110 percent, but sometimes just can’t understand why ASU wants to change a good thing. Change isn’t always a good thing.” 
Yeah.  We feel you. To bring it all home, the redesign at ASU was done by, you guessed it, Nike.  FSU Athletics was also quick to dismiss MSU's Nike logo disaster as not at all similar to ours.

Can this logo change?
583 e-mails, less than one day for me.
At the end of the meeting, I felt stunned and confused.  The representatives told me, actually spoke the words, that we would just have to "agree to disagree."  I was asked if I would continue to "feed the flames" of angry fans, to allow inflammatory comments, e-mails, and phone calls to hurt the feelings of people employed by the Athletic Department.  I was at a loss for words.  I was also personally offended.  First, I don't control the internet, what people say or do, how passionate they get, or whether they read my freakin' blog.  No, sir, I don't edit their e-mails and I didn't direct them to write nasty things to you.  I don't pass around a Burn Book.  Second...that was asking me to just accept it.  Just be a good girl and run around and bark and tire yourself out until the "agree to disagree" mentality becomes the "agree and we don't want to look like jerks anymore" mentality.

So what will I do?  Social media is the only tool we have to realize the changes we would like to see with our University's image. And I, with a real or imagined responsibility to those who have contacted me and still to share my opinion/support my redesign, will continue to carry the voices of so many to Athletics.  I will continue to voice my opinions in a professional manner until I hear official statements from the groups athletics "consulted" during this design process.  Then, and only then, will I just be a good girl.  Because I do not think this is too big for us to change, but I cannot do it alone, and we cannot do it by just contacting Athletics. The folks in Athletics have been getting a lot of e-mails and phone calls about this.  A lot. In fact, I printed nearly 600 of the e-mails folks sent me, spiral bound them, and personally handed them off.  Is 600 a representative sample size?  Of course not.  But it is something, and I feel those e-mails, only five of which are in favor of the new logo, represent the majority opinion of fans and alumni.

This is not fun.  For either side in this family feud.  And it has, unfortunately, gotten personal on both sides. I really, honestly, wish it wouldn't.  This has caused a rift in our Seminole Nation and it stems from institutional arrogance and, believe it or not, poor communication.

[Edit 4.16.14: I will reiterate that name calling is not cool in my book.  Venting frustrations, fine.  Directed personal attacks? Not fine and also not really effective.  We're all Noles and will all be going to the same stadium when this is over, so let's not make it super awkward.  Still...that doesn't mean I can't have an express an opinion.]

For more info, see the article posted online today on Tallahassee Democrat's website (in print on Monday, I believe) by Ira Schoffel.  I also did a video interview with Paul Flemming of the Democrat talking about the amazing responses I've received and how it was just bananas.  Like a whole bunch of bananas.  Either way, thank you all for the love and support.  Seriously.


John Thrasher said...

Top. Men.

Ed Bagley said...


First, thank you for going "behind the big closed door." Anyone in business knows what that means. To me this is most likely the most telling aspect and I quote you quoting them, The representatives told me, actually spoke the words, that we would just have to "agree to disagree." I was asked if I would continue to "feed the flames" of angry fans, to allow inflammatory comments, e-mails, and phone calls to hurt the feelings of people employed by the Athletic Department.

This is exactly why many of the fans I spoke to were more upset. The attitude that we the fans MUST agree to their position. And if we don't that then the fans are the ones who are wrong, the fans are the ones who are abusing the employees of Florida State. Well, I have news for them. I like many other will NEVER support this 'future logo" just because the AD or MKT departments think it represents FSU. It will while they are in control but we as fans DO NOT have to agree to support it. We WILL NOT buy merchandise, and we WILL NOT be quite, we will remind them as often as we want the we DO NOT LIKE IT, and it is already time to begin to CHANGE it for the 'new future logo" and we will request that fans, boosters, and alumni are given ample opportunity to have our opinions heard. Unfortunately, for those employees, they are NOT FSU, but rather all of us make up what is FSU!! It is not all about them.

Again, thanks for representing us and thanks for receiving out tongue lashing because that is exactly what you described.

Leeann Richards said...

I did not think it could get more hysterical than "Top. Men.", then I read this: I was also encouraged to stare at the logo until I liked it.

Um, okay.

I know you did not do this for all of us, but thanks for speaking out and trying to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Johnny Seminole said...

Jodi, thank you for all that you have done and are doing. It is very much appreciated. To your point about going beyond athletics, i suggest folks email the Vice President for University Relations, an office that is responsible for "Communications, news and public affairs, marketing and branding operations":

Elizabeth Maryanski
Vice President for University Relations

They should copy the following leaders of the university's direct support organizations:

Seminole Boosters
Andy Miller
President and CEO amiller@admin.fsu.edu

FSU Alumni Association
Scott Atwell

FSU Foundation
President/VP University Advancement
Thomas Jennings


Bob Thurston said...

I strongly disagree with one point: "I am not a writer."

You, Ms. Slade, are a writer. You have the two greatest gifts a writer can have: insight and humor. And humility. Three gifts: insight, humor, humility and courage. Four gifts. The fifth being (I can only hope) a knowledge of Monty Python tropes, lest this tortured compliment go for naught.

Anyway. Thank you for going to the mat for all of us, for being an eloquent spokesperson, and for showing that this is about FAR more than a logo. Expect continued support.

Rock on, Jodi!

KB said...

Thank you for being awesome!

Sarah Kahn said...


You've been a beacon of hope in this bizarre and ridiculous mess called our Athletics Department. Sadly, you hit the nail on the head: the decision was made out of institutional arrogance. This is the same group that canceled the National Championship Celebration and rescheduled it twice with nearly zero effort to communicate that the change was made, nor WHY it was made. Shame on us for being fooled twice.

It's so disheartening to see such an isolated group of power-hungry individuals run our reputation into the group. Hypocrisy is winning the argument, and I can only hope that between your wonderful blogs and the passion of alumni, students, and fans, we can hit 'em where it counts: their bottom line.

Boycott, and we win. If the new merchandise collects dust on the bookstore shelves, you might get another meeting with the Athletic Directors, and this time with the design department. Is it ridiculous? Of course it is, but so is entire affair, so we might as well match their elitism with our stubbornness.

Keep leading the good fight, I appreciate everything you're doing!

Sarah Kahn

Polk Nole said...

The school screwed up. It shouldn't have happened, but it somehow did. Fine. Just undo it. Don't double down!

Ruby Slippers said...

Fluffy bunny paws, haha! Thanks, Jodi, for the comic relief, and especially all those other really big things you've done on our behalf. I read two "interesting" articles about Nike and their contracts, sigh.

http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/threads_and_laces/2013/08/nike-locks-up-university-logo-business.html and http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/print-edition/2013/08/30/nike-adidas-spend-big-to-own-the.html?page=all

Danielle said...

i am so proud of you for not being a good girl. <3

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

I echo what Bob Thurston said--all of it. Word for freakin' word.

Also, you rock.

Ruby Slippers said...

Hmm, Ira's interview/article about you disappeared from the Democrat website. Too many comments?

Fitzgerald Clark said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This hate for the new logo seems to me like childish peevishness. Things change. It really is not that different. Calm down, get a grip and support the university you claim to love. At least that is my advice for what it is worth.

nates said...

Support the University we love... that seems to be run by unqualified jackasses? Make your own shirts, ignore the new ones, Nike will demand the old logo as soon as it hurts their bottom line.

Alton Thompson said...

What Bob said. Rock on.

Mike lee said...

People in this world are dying from hunger and you guys are worried about a logo. Nice.

Paige Tilley said...

If this is your first experience in realizing that FSU - or ANY university or government controlled entity - is run by or employs unqualified jackasses then you've been lucky! There are many great people at these places, but just like any business, there are plenty of idiots there, some in High Places. Top. Men. (Love that!)

I agree with Bob wholeheartedly Jodi - you are a great writer and definitely seem to have a solid understanding of comma usage. Good for you being brave enough to take that meeting, and strong enough to continue to challenge and not bow down to them.

Also - and this will be unpopular with most people reading - your post reminded me that those of us who actually like the new logo should also write and call, perhaps to give a more fair representation of who likes and dislikes (hates) it. It's usually only the unhappy folks who would write/call in situations like this, but those happy folks should do the same.

Great job!

Dwayne Boykin said...

Great job, Jodi! I think I will send them two logos...yours and theirs. And tell THEM to stare at yours until they like it. Here's the bottom-line...it's the bottom-line. They've paid a bundle for this blunder and they can't get a refund. I do however understand about "focus groups" and "committees" and how they too can bog down ANY change or process as I fight this daily in my public sector position. Can they change it...YES. Will they change it...time will tell, however....

Keep up the good fight.

Aidan said...


Or should I call you Luke Skywalker, leader of the Rebel Alliance. It amazes me how you did a simple tweak to the real logo and were thrust into the position you have been. Nothing to gain and a lot to lose.

Thank you for becoming the voice of the unhappy many. I don't know how this will play out, but it seems like the yelling will be ignored and the slow process of speaking with our money has begun.

I am a multi tasked so I will continue to protest while still caring for hungry children and other bigger issues.

Now go finish your laundry and have some fun doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing in your free time.

Thank you and all the best to you and the hubby.

Aidan said...
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Miguel said...
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Lee said...

Jodi--thanks for giving me a voice. In the words of Jimmy V--"don't give up, don't ever give up".

Kyle M. said...

The one constant in their focus groups, is these are people who have most likely never had to shop and purchase an item with the logo on it.

Matt B said...

I have an easy solution to this issue.

If you don't support the new logo.
1.) Don't attend the First FSU Home Football Game or wear a Plain White T-shirt to the game to show your dislike for the Logo.
2.) Make a Public Commitment to NOT Purchase any merchandise with the new Logo on it and record how many people make this commitment. Send FSU Athletics an e-mail message saying that you made this commitment.
3.) Get other news entities involved, ESPN/Fox, etc... Make such a loud noise, that come football season, it'll be all over the news to point out the incompetence.

I think they forgot that fans like to spend money. The Alumni and Fans are the Seminole Nation.... Don't let suits and "Focus groups" behind closed doors, assign an image to you!

Taylor Mock said...

Thank you Jodi, for being our voice. It is sad to me that the Athletic Department would choose Nike over their own FSU Community.

Catcha said...

We are not lemmings. The misguided athletic department may leave us with no choice, as the old logo merchandise sells out they are unlikely to approve the use of that one anymore. But it is still worth expressing frustration over the attitude and the obvious lack of priority on the fans. Thanks Jodi for your humor and your keeping us in the loop!

Mary said...

We do support the University we love, but we do not have to support the choices that people make in the claims that they recieved the "ok" from the majority. There is nothing childish about this. We dislike what was done, the way they went about doing it, and the fact we are being forced to accept it.

Jon Lynn said...

Thank you!

Red Rankin said...

Thank you Jodi for being our voice. I agree with Matt B. The only way to overcome the arrogance of the institution, I guess we can call it the Empire if you’re the “rebel leader”, is to hit their bottom line. Until there is a significant change to their revenue by either lack of sales or, a more likely possibility, loss of financial support from the BIG boosters (the six-figure donators) they will continue to brush us off and tell us to “look at it until you like it”. Again, thank you for standing up for our beloved Chief.

Asher Levine said...

Thank you for taking part in this. You came up with an excellent design so the burden of being an advocate fell to you. To enact change, people need to not buy apparel with the new logo and continue to keep up the complaints. The passion cannot wane. I've seen new logos get toppled in the past. The NY Islanders once changed their logo to one that resembled the mascot of a company that made fish sticks. The fans abhorred it. It took 2 or 3 years but they changed it back. Your design is far better than what they unveiled on Friday/ Never quit the fight!

Marco Paez said...


J Pernell said...

Nike... Just undo it.

Chris Barfield said...

Jodi, thank you. Thank you for being the unofficial spokesperson for us even though you ended up roped into the job. I hope that this continuing issue doesn't end up affecting your job in any way. I would like to think or university is bigger than that.

lindalee said...

Just read your edit,and agree. What's important is that they could've done all that and kept a tweaked version of our original logo instead of selling out to Nike for the ea$y way out.
Now they want us all to be "good girls" and accept their changes, because its done and, once again, ea$y! Well, guess again-not happening here!!! Love my team and my University, but I don't agree with everything they do,and when I don't, it is my right - my DUTY- to speak up and be heard! Thank you for representing us all.
I'd like to suggest it's time they listened to more people like you. Top. Women.
Go for it!
Linda M.

Cwilliams said...

Thank you for saying the hard things and being brave in this time of adversity. We are all Noles like you said, and what makes us an amazing group is the diversity within it, opinions included! My hope and prayer is that everyone has learned something from this. Keep up the good fight. Change doesn't come by silence. #keepthischief

B. Wilder said...

Will you continue to "fan the flames"? You can bet your a$$ I will! I also came across this email address at Nike and got 2 responses. One saying thanks for the feedback and another from an actual human named Becky that said she'd forward to the appropriate department. media.relations@nike.com Let's not lose heart, or enthusiasm!!!!!!

Bay's Music Center said...

Without trying to follow the story, I've still seen your writings on Facebook from friends who share the link. If my two cents will be heard by Athletics, the only change I don't like is the upwards head with the open mouth showing his teeth. It looks silly. Like he's belting out a high note on stage. I guess they intended it to appear as a war cry but I think it's a fail. All the other changes made a lot of sense from uniformity point of view, but I wish they would have kept his profile the same.

Karen Johnson said...


I've read your blogs - love your subtle changes to the logo. Thanks for representing us in a potentially intimidating meeting of the minds. Fans - keep giving us ideas on how we can can get the word out. We do NOT have to agree with the changes, and as one of the countless financial supporters of the Athletic Department, I have believed from the start that those "outside" the campus were not the target audience - your blog has only confirmed it. Fight the good fight, sister. We're behind you.

John DeMartino said...

What an ignorant comment. You can love and support your university and still hate the logo and how it came about.

Juli MacDonald said...

I am a former Marching Chief with a student now at FSU. The "old" logo is near and dear to my heart. Yet I, too, worry that with summer approaching, the fans who are against the new logo will move on about their daily lives and put this on the back burner. HOWEVER, when August roles around, everyone will once again be reminded or how horrid this new logo is. That being said, what can we do to help move our cause along? I am able and willing to do what I can here in South Florida!

skiedrow said...

If this was a privately owned... um... coffee shop (why not?) that decided to re-brand... then yes, by all means. Chill. The. Hell. Out. But it's not. It's a university that belongs to me. To everyone! I was born here. Educated here. And now work here. I would have liked to been asked (and this is metaphorical - not me directly, but the me's of the world).

Jodi Slade said...

Inflammatory comments about FSU employees (aside from myself) will be deleted.

Jim Helms said...

This is not a flattering change for change sake. It appears the Nole is in great pain from the facial expression. Perhaps a Gator bit him on the - foot. I believe if put to a vote of the small people, it would be flushed.

Santos said...

Great work Jodi. I emailed (well, reply-mailed) an FSU Alumni Association request for "support" (where support = $) with this and will continue to do so.

"I know you have no control over this situation - but you do have a communication mechanism to inform the FSU administration about emails like this one - please do so.

I will always love FSU. My time there, experience, education and friendships were tremendous and keep returning benefits.

The method used to "create" and communication to present the logo change came across as arrogant and out of touch - very ivory tower "we know what's best for them".

Since "we" the loving and loyal alum who voted with our presence to go to FSU and with our financial support (including encouraging our kids to go to FSU) weren't considered important enough to get a vote on this, my/our only recourse is to vote where we can be heard - that vote we're asked for many times each year in email, phone call and mailers: financially.

I will never buy anything with that awful logo, that merchandise will sit and gather dust and eventually retailers will not place orders and manufacturers will not buy the license. The "black market" will start selling "original" logo merchandise - and possibly Jodi Slade's redesign - which hits all the requirements of mass production, while keeping the true elements of the original."

wired said...

What a load of garbage. We've been boosters for 25 years and they didn't ask us or inform us of anything. I'm sick of hearing FSU staff lie so that they can get that check in their pocket from nike.

Ted Harris said...

Jodi...thank you so much for your undying loyalty to FSU and to our REAL logo. What you did and continue to do at this time is nothing less than courageous, bold, daring, respectful and humbling and I am damn proud to be your friend and a fellow Marching Chiefs Alumni. We WILL win this battle with the athletics department...it's just a matter of time. This is so much more than just about a logo and you have shown that to all of us. Keep up the great work and please let me know of anything I can do to assist in this. Oh and as always....MCATDT!!!

Robert Kantor said...

Jodi you are doing a wonderful job, please keep up the good fight (not good girl routine)! We are Seminoles, don't they know our own motto, UNCONQUERED. It is not in us to just give up and go quietly into the night. I have written an email to the department heads and implore my friends to do the same, as well as all of our fellow Seminoles that do not support the logo.

P.S. I will always love and support our University, like many of you I BLEED GARNET & GOLD!!

tetfsu said...

I'm going to use a poker metaphor to illustrate where we are right now. At this point the Athletic Department, and Monk Bonasorte as their representative have a 2-7 off-suit or a weak pair at best. They're already pot committed and have no way to win the hand unless they bluff it to the end.

Meanwhile, Nike is the big goon in the corner of the room. They've "loaned" the athletics department the cash to play this little game and the juice is running. They've got a vested interest in making sure that their man wins, otherwise, they're out a significant load of cash.

Now it's up to us. We're holding a straight flush and there's nothing out there that will keep us from winning this showdown... nothing except us. If we fold, they win. If we play this out, they lose. We just have to keep in this to the end.

grethunt said...

Nike will not be bothered if one university's line of apparel does not sell well and a dip in FSU sales is certainly not going to hurt their bottom line of $7 BILLION. Don't forget - - FSU approached Nike, not the other way around. Let's not be angry with a vendor - re-direct your energy to the root cause.

Leland McElveen said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much Mrs. Slade. "Institutional Arrogance" sums it up about perfectly. I hope everyone in the FSU Administration that had a vote and participated in this process is an alumnus of The Florida State University and/or a part of the Seminole Indian Tribe. Thank You for speaking out!

Clay Gentry said...

Not happy with the administration for the way this was handled. While I dont think the new logo is as bad as many make it out to be, it is a more drastic change then what was needed. Jodis logo is perfect, it keeps enough of the old to hold tradition, but gives it a more crisp, modern feel. If a change was to be made, hers was the best way to do it. I just dont see how they could actually do a pretty good job with the uniforms, but completely fall on their respective faces with the logo. You've handled this with a ton of class and have represented FSU and its fans the way the TOP. MEN. Should have. Kudos and great job on you redesign.

Keith Neel said...

Keep up the good work Jodi. My wife and I are with you all the way. Down with the "new logo"!

J David said...

Thank you Jodi, for being our voice. It is sad to me that the Athletic Department would choose Nike over their own FSU Community.

Jeff Williams said...

I wish these people, however well-intentioned they are, would buy a clue. It sounds like somebody got jobbed by Nike, signed a contract that will penalize us for going back to the correct logo, and are trying to sell us on the new inferior logo to save face. Screw them for not being good at their job. I guess the University's lawyers didn't know better. Shame that they couldn't have involved a larger group before they went out and hocked our logo to a shoemaker.

Alissa said...

If they think people like it, I guess they haven't seen this: https://www.change.org/petitions/florida-state-university-powers-that-be-we-the-people-of-fsu-fan-base-alumni-boosters-students-etc-wholeheartedly-disapprove-of-new-logo-design-we-want-action-restore-traditional-classic-design-or-we-will-not-purchase

Unknown said...

Nike has a way of brainwashing others to change their iconic symbols - to make it easier for them to reproduce - ie: put more money in their pocket!!! Have they looked at their own boring outdated logo???

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

From a distance, or when reproduced small, like on the new uniform's neckline, the new logo looks like the letter "Q."

Your logo is much better and I hope the decision makers reconsider. They are coming off looking like bullies and dictators, and they need to remember that we are a University "family," made up of more than just athletics.

Sam Nebel said...

Thanks for being the Chief voice on this issue Jodi!

LINDA Robertson said...

For those of you who have not read the articles in the links above, I suggest you do. The second link includes millions of dollars over and over. I was shocked. Nike does indeed have total control.

But the first sheds light in a different way: "(Nike) wants to make sure it has control of the brand. (Universities) are also getting a high-quality design service. Typically universities don't have access to that."

As a 1965 graduate, their design team did lousy service to the FSU brand in my mind. Could they not see? Anyone, even those as old as I, can see this new logo does "not" look like our Chief, or for that matter even an Indian. He looks like a white man, not the symbol a Proud Indian Tribe. Jodi's was the far better design and she did it in a night!

But there is more about Nike's Control.

Crimson Tide athletes are forbidden from covering up the Nike logos on any of their athletic gear, meaning that even a pre-game ankle-taping job done to prevent injury can void a contract worth millions of dollars.

Read it again. Athletes are Forbidden from Covering up the Nike logos on any of their athletic gear, meaning that Even a Pre-game Ankle-Taping Job Done To Prevent Injury Can Void a Contract worth Millions of Dollars.

But to the real issue, that the Tradition of our logo was not even considered nor was an effort made to make it at least look like an Indian, much less not consult or care about the reactions of decades of students and players. Just make sure you do not cover up that Nike logo or your money is GONE.

Thank you Jodi for leading this charge for us all!

Brian said...

Liz Maryanski is very responsive. She informed me that Florida State is, indeed, watching social media closely on the matter. They are listening ...

Kathy Widner said...

I agree. Thank you Jodi. Everybody has to make their own choice on how to proceed. I got the email for the "Great Give". I decided after the new logo was leaked that I will not purchase the new logo. I have decided that money I would have given to boosters is going to the Chiefs instrument fund. We also need to understand that if we purchase the other Nike designs (new spear) that the next thing they will say is since people are not buying the new logo, they should just eliminate it completely. I will not buy any Nike product, or any items that display the Nike designs, especially their feather.

Kathy Widner said...
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SFNole said...

Jodi, thanks for all your efforts and sacrifices on FSU's and our behalf. It's a bit shocking how much arrogance the Athletic Dept seems to have for its fans, alums and boosters. With your perseverance and all of ours, I trust the Chief will be reinstated as our logo or we will have yours in its place. I will continue to write FSU until we get that change. Go 'Noles!

Anonymous said...

I consider myself logo neutral. I would probably also be considered naive for thinking that this whole thing probably began with good intentions but then went awry because of poor planning and PR. No doubt it is all about the money but at least some of this money will benefit the athletic department as a whole. The one important thing that I don't see much mention of is the Seminole tribe itself. I understand that at some point they did sign off on the new logo and that people are trying to get some clarification on what exactly their involvement was. Florida State is in the unique position of being one of the few universities to have an actual Native American tribe as it's mascot. And this actual tribe consists of actual real people. And even though they have been ok with the classic logo for 43 years it is eye opening to read that John Roberge did not base it on any actual person and it was based on his perception of indians from cowboy and indian movies. Or we can go with the alternate version of the story that it is based on Tommie Wright, a white man, who composed the Florida State fight song... That said it's a pretty good non offensive depiction that has become a classic in the world of college athletics and served Florida State well for 43 years. Without taking into account what John Roberge has said about it's origin, Jodi Slade's reworking of this classic design is great. As for Arizona State and Sparky it seems unlikely that the Church of Satan might say that they don't like the way the devil is being depicted just as with Michigan State it seems unlikely that actual Spartans are going to be unhappy with a new ugly logo. In these cases it might be the fans that have the ultimate say. But in our case even though we may bleed Garnet and Gold and consider ourselves "true Seminoles" there are very few of us who are ACTUAL Seminoles. It seems silly (to use a non inflammatory adjective) that a bunch of white people are arguing over what the best depiction of a Native American is. If what this link says is true, that the Seminole tribe requested that the logo look more friendly and less savage I wish that the athletic department or tribe would reveal that as part of their process. http://bit.ly/Qst1DL We should be united, honored and proud that we are allowed by the actual real Seminoles to call ourselves Seminoles. The final say on what the logo should be lies with the Seminole tribe, no matter what the original motivation may have been or whether or not it's a corporate conspiracy to pull a fast one on the fans. For the privilege and honor of having the great and unconquered Seminole tribe as the mascot of the university that we all love dearly and that helped make us whatever we are today we have to go along with what the ACTUAL and original Seminole tribe of Florida wants whether it be the classic chief, Jodi's version, Nike's version or even though it would be unlikely, going back to Sammy Seminole.

Gerald Grow said...

The new FSU logo laughs at the controversy it has created:


TBone said...

Hi Jodi - I was reminded once again about this controversy today when I saw a Facebook post about the tacky advertisements on Doak Campbell stadium, and I commented about the logo being the first strike in the tacky wars, and had someone claim to me (wrongly) that the logo was changed "at the request of the Seminole Tribe of Florida."

Warchant.com Has FSU gone too far commercializing Doak Campbell Stadium?

Anyway, I always come back to your blog and read it and remember the good old days, when we had a logo that we could be proud of and a designer standing ready to make updates to it that would preserve its best features. Sigh. Those days are long gone, and all we have left is this piece of crap thing they're calling our logo now.