Monday, August 24, 2009

Week Three into Four- Transition

Due to the new medical school curriculum at Hopkins, last week was kind of a hodgepodge of projects. We did not have time to make a second continuous tone (black and white) illustration, so we just ended up turning our hipbone drawings into illustrations. My illustration highlights the basic anatomy of the human hemipelvis and focuses on the three parts of the hip bone: the ilium, ischium and pubis.

It was a simple project to teach us about leader lines and basic layouts in illustrator. I think it came out pretty textbook/ a success! Still strange to think that I drew that...

I much preferred the trip we took on Friday! We went to the Smithsonian Naturalist Center in Leesburg, VA, which is an incredible place (especially for artists and kids)! It's an overflow museum for the Natural History Museum in DC, so there are hundreds of specimens there. The good thing about this place is that you can touch and move the specimens to get a closer look. We took a class trip there to sketch the specimens all day (though I could have stayed and sketched for three days). They even have two polar bears and a bengal tiger. Super (nerd) cool.

These are just a few of my sketches from that day. They are all from taxidermied specimines, except the beetles, of course.

Their avian collection is wonderful.

I've always been fond of beetles. Drawing them. Not in real life. Eww.

I still preferred the birds.

These were just fairly quick gesture sketches, not final pieces. Still very fun.

I suppose I should get back to my notes on the Thorax for tomorrows lecture and dissection. Anatomy will be the hardest class I have ever taken (and probably will ever take). It's time for me to get my old AP History and AP Biology study habits out of the closet, dust them off...

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